I went to the big game last week. I took the kid with me. Actually I took the child with me. (Left the goat at home this time!) Anyway, the game was great, the atmosphere was great, and the score was tied at halftime.

And that’s when it happened.

The teams had barely left the floor at halftime when the child pulled on my sleeve and said, “I have to go.”

Assuming he did not mean to make an important phone call to President Obama, we headed for the restrooms. With a soft drink in one hand (no alcohol around the child!) and holding his hand with the other (I am after all, a responsible adult) we found the restroom. The line however snaked a good 100 feet out the door and down the hall.

I am normally not a patient man, but this time I thought to myself, “How long can this take?”

I was about to find out.

After five minutes, we finally moved two steps. After a short time, we took another two steps. By now, the child was fidgeting, and wasn’t the only one who had to go.  After what seemed like an eternity, we finally got to the door. Another 10 minutes and we were finally done and headed back to our seats. As for the game, we missed most of the third quarter and didn’t have much interest in the rest of it after that.

The point of all this is that if I had a Roadtrek Class B, this whole situation could have been avoided. Roadtreks have their own bathrooms offering privacy and comfort and are easy to park in regular parking spots. Having a Roadtrek means no more lines when you “have to go”. Just a quick trip to the parking lot and you are back in the game without missing a minute of the action.

That is only one feature that makes class b motorhomes the choice of so many over the road travelers.  Style and comfort, with the many conveniences of home and the features many expect from a motor home, make the Roadtrek the way to go whether traveling across town or across the country. You can always find uses for the shower, bed, and entertainment center, even if the Roadtrek is parked in your driveway.

There is only one place to go when in the market for a Roadtrek and that’s Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio.

Check out their large inventory of Roadtrek’s online, or simply stop by the dealership at 3540 South County Road 25-a, right off exit 69 on I-75.

Their professional, friendly staff of van experts can find the Roadtrek that’s right for you and your family. Don’t hesitate to give them a call today at 1-866-975-3257.

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