Class B Vans provide the very best way to travel across the country.  There size and gas mileage allow you to go anywhere at any time.  Large motorhomes are difficult to maneuver and are limited on where they can go.   With a larger RV, many people leave the RV behind and drive a tow vehicle to explore the area.  With a small Class B Camper, comfort and home is always with you.  In a Roadtrek Van you can access narrow forest roads and other dirt roads leading to free dispersed camping areas.

Class B Vans are truly for an individual who wants it all. Enjoy the convenience of your own bathroom, change room, kitchen, living room and bedroom. You can be more spontaneous.  Since all your gear is with you, if you find a wonderful hiking trail, camping area, or meet up with people, you can take advantage of opportunities without having to return to home base.

For more information on starting your adventure in a Roadtrek van, call 1-866-975-3287.  One of our van experts will help you decide which van best fits your needs.

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