The Roadtrek SS-Agile might just be the perfect passenger vehicle for those looking for a drive-everyday motorhome.

Based on the 144″ wheelbase of the Mercedes-built Sprinter 2500 van. This Class B Camper Van may only be 19 1/2 feet long but don’t let its size fool you. The Agile  comes fully equipped and has the ability to seat five and sleep two easily. And with no gables or cabinets at either end of its galley, the Agile features plenty of open space, from the captain seats up front all the way to a power sofa located in the rear.

Behind the driver’s seat, its 59″ long galley is a master chef’s kitchen away  from home, complete with a granite counter, a recessed European-style propane stove with glass cover, under mounted stainless steel sink, and a  3.8 cubic foot three-way refrigerator, convection/microwave oven. Enjoy a hot “cup of joe” as the sun comes up thanks to an optional coffee maker.

With  its unique doors, a permanent bathroom located behind the front passenger seat provides plenty of aisle space when not in use. When it is in use, the doors also allow extra space inside while still keeping the aisle clear. Inside, the bathroom features a vanity sink which slides over a marine toilet and a sit-down shower.

As with many Roadtrek models, the rear sofa in the Agile easily converts into either a king-size bed or twin beds. The sofa can also recline to a number of different positions with ample storage underneath that is available through the vehicle’s rear doors.

Wide open spaces, a compact size, great fuel economy helps make this Class B motorhome unique while still maintaining the features everyone love in your typical motorhome.

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Why the Roadtrek SS Agile?

  • Seats 5 and sleeps 2 in rear twins or king size bed.
  • Maximum Fuel Economy, long service intervals, and great longevity.
  • 144″ Wheelbase allows for a tighter turning radius and lower weight ratings.
  • Largest permanently enclosed bathrooms.
  • Great fuel economy.



1. Wardrobe

2. Stove

3. Sink

4. Microwave

5. Fridge

6. Home Theatre

7. Toilet

8. Shower


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A used Class B Motorhome that is practically brand new. The 2012 Roadtrek SS-Agile come with a fully equipped kitchen and rear sofa. The two leather captains chairs in the cab are very soft to the touch. The exterior of this Motorhome has a very large awning that is great for shading you on those hot summer days.


The 2009 Roadtrek SS Agile is a very nice class B Motorhome. There is a ton of features packed into this rv. From the front cab with a touch screen radio and two captains chairs to the rear with the fold down sofa bed and flat screen tv. You will love the compact kitchen that takes up a minimal amount of space but lets you create wonderful dishes too. Call or come to Dave Arbogast Van Depot in Troy, Ohio to find out more!


This week Dave Arbogast Van Depot is highlighting this beautiful Used 2010 Roadtrek SS-Agile Class B Van.  Brand new this Roadtrek has a price tag of more than $106,000! With only 3,824 miles this van is a steal at $86,975! You save over $19,000!!  The van literally just came off the showroom floor.

Some of the options on this Roadtrek include:

Low Profile In Motion Satellite $4000 Option!
Continental Spare Tire Kit
Premium Brand 110V Coffee Maker
Onan Microlite 2.5 Kw  Propane Generator
Two “Optimal Leather” Captain’s Seats
Premium In-Dash Satellite Radio w/ CD/DVD/MP3, 6.5″ Touch Screen, GPS Navigation, iPod/Bluetooth Ready
Premium Brand 110V 19″ Flat screen TV w/ Remote
Aluminum Wheels
Power Folding Rear Sofa
Mercedes Grill & Emblem Package
Rear Back-Up Camera (Displays On In-Dash Radio)

This Roadtrek won’t last long, call us today at 1-866-975-3287 or visit!

It won’t be winter much longer. Spring is really right around the corner (ok, it’s a far corner) and the question is—will you be ready?

For what? For the season of travel that lies ahead. What will you do when the open road calls? When those four walls surrounding you start closing in, and cabin fever strikes, what will you do?

Those owning a Roadtrek SS-Agile already have an answer. They go where the open road takes them, and beyond. At 19’ 5”, the Agile is several feet shorter than the Sprinter Chassis that finally made it to North America from Europe several years ago. It’s an ideal getaway machine for those wanting less hassle, better fuel economy, AND one of the most trusted names in the Class B motor home business.

If you wince every time you go the pumps, this class b motorhome will ease your pain with 20+ miles per gallon. The famed Mercedes Benz V-6 turbo engine and a tighter turning Radius make the Agile a pleasure to drive.  Parking is also a breeze as the Agile’s smaller size makes it easy to pull into regular parking spots.

The interior of the Agile will simply wow you. The galley is nearly 6 feet in length, with granite countertop, 3.8 cubic foot refrigerator, convection/microwave oven, and recessed stove with glass cover. A hard sided bathroom sits opposite the kitchen area to add to the comforts of home. A marine toilet, shower and sink provide both privacy and comfort.

Still looking for more? Try out the 11,000 BTU air conditioner, 16,000 BTU furnace, home theatre package including DVD, CD player and 5.1 surround sound with multiple speakers, rear backup camera, 6.5’ touch screen monitor and 50 cubic feet of storage, and you may have a hard time finding a reason to go HOME.

Really, the only question you should have is “How quickly can I get my hands on one of these?” That’s an easy one to answer. Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio has a wide range of Roadtreks, and the buying experience couldn’t be easier. See our inventory on line, and then call one of our van professionals at 1-866-975-3257. They will make buying a Roadtrek as easy as driving one, so call them today!

The holidays are finally over, the Ohio State Buckeyes have finally beaten an SEC team in a bowl game, and everyone is settling in to 2011. If you are like me, you are also asking, “OK, what now?”

I like to use January, February and March as planning months. I hate the weather early in the year, so I just work and plan for later in the year. Do I want to travel? If so, where? Once I figure that out, then the next question is, how do I want to get there?

Flying is out of the question (something about being 30,000 feet in the air with someone else in control just doesn’t work for me.) So I had to find a vehicle with the comforts of home that I can actually drive. Guess what, I found it – Roadtrek’s SS-Agile

The Roadtrek SS-Agile is housed on the 144-inch-wheelbase Sprinter 2500 van chassis powered by a 3-liter CRD Mercedes-Benz V-6 turbo diesel engine. It has a highway mileage rating of around 23 mph, and has an overall length of 19 feet five inches, giving the SS-Agile a versatility and ease of handing most motor homes cannot match.

I have said it before: The Grand Canyon has never held much appeal to me because of the trip to get there. With a Roadtrek Class B Motorhome, all concerns are taken care of. The vehicle seats up to 5 and sleeps two in comfort. It features an electrically operated rear sofa which provides belted seating for three during travel, and becomes a king-sized bed or twin beds with just a push of the button.  With no more “in and out” at hotels every night, it makes traveling a much more attractive idea.

With the Agile, there is also plentiful storage available below the sofa, which is easily accessible through its rear doors. The galley features an engineered granite countertop with a recessed cook top that includes a glass cover. A three way, 3.8 cubic foot absorption refrigerator is mounted below, as well as a microwave-convection oven. A recessed cover expands the work surface when the sink is needed.

Once the day’s traveling is done, relax with an optional 19-inch flat screen television. It’s installed in the rear sleeping/sofa section, but is attached to a swing pedestal for easy viewing from the full swivel captain’s chairs up front. Comfort, style and convenience -you get it all with a Roadtrek.

There is only one place to look for this amazing vehicle and that’s at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio.

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Winnebago Era

Looking for a van you can do some traveling in? Look no further. Dave Arbogast is your source for a number of Class B Camper Van models.

We have a large selection of Class B models ranging from Roadtrek to Airstream to Winnebago, all of which will allow you to ride in luxury to your next destination.

Thanks to our easy-to-navigate website, selecting your next model is a mouse click away.

Class B Camper Vans combine mobility with style. They are the perfect recreation vehicle for anyone looking to take that much needed vacation.

Thanks to our wide selection of brands and models, you won’t have any problems finding a vehicle that meets and exceeds your expectations. Want to take the family to your favorite campsite for the weekend? How about a cross country haul? Or, what about taking some business associates for a night on the town? With a Class B Camper Van, you’ll be riding in style in no time.

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Take a Moment To Check Out Some of the Great Class B Camper Van Models We Have Available!!!

Feel free to click on any of the models below to learn more.

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A Roadtrek Class B Van is the perfect family vehicle, blending entertainment with comfort.  Built-in entertainment systems are available in many of today’s vehicles, but how many offer a home theater system with a 17″ flat screen TV and surround sound? With dealer installed satellite systems you can even enjoy “in motion” or stationary satellite TV and Internet access. How great is that?

With a Roadtrek, you can enjoy your favorite DVDs, watch satellite TV or connect to the internet not only when you’re on vacation but also when you’re close to home and waiting for others to do their thing.

Instead of being forced to stay in the same seated position for hours at a time on a long drive, a Roadtrek offers room to change your seating position, stretch and move around.  The comfort of a Roadtrek is unmatched by any other vehicle on the road today.

When shopping for a new vehicle for the family, don’t settle for anything less than a class B motorhome. Call the experts at Arbogast today, 1-866-975-3287.

Tis the season to load up your family, friends, follow your favorite sports team, light the grill, and enjoy! With a Roadtrek you can do just that. Not only is a Roadtrek comfortable to ride in but it is easy to maneuver into any parking space with no need to find special parking. You have the advantages of your own refrigerator and bathroom.

As a female I really enjoy tailgating but having to wait in a long line to use the restroom sometimes ruins my tailgating experience. With a Roadtrek you have everything you need at your finger tips. Not only is the restroom a great feature but having your own refrigerator to get drinks at your leisure helps to avoid spending too much money on overpriced beverages.

After a long day of tailgating it would be nice to crawl into the spacious bed the Roadtrek offers to rest a little before getting back on the road. Find out what all the buzz is about with owning a Roadtrek SS Agile. The way tailgating should be is just a phone call away. For more information call 1-866-975-3287.

Class B Vans provide the very best way to travel across the country.  There size and gas mileage allow you to go anywhere at any time.  Large motorhomes are difficult to maneuver and are limited on where they can go.   With a larger RV, many people leave the RV behind and drive a tow vehicle to explore the area.  With a small Class B Camper, comfort and home is always with you.  In a Roadtrek Van you can access narrow forest roads and other dirt roads leading to free dispersed camping areas.

Class B Vans are truly for an individual who wants it all. Enjoy the convenience of your own bathroom, change room, kitchen, living room and bedroom. You can be more spontaneous.  Since all your gear is with you, if you find a wonderful hiking trail, camping area, or meet up with people, you can take advantage of opportunities without having to return to home base.

For more information on starting your adventure in a Roadtrek van, call 1-866-975-3287.  One of our van experts will help you decide which van best fits your needs.