RoadtrekCSAdventurous1Imagine an RV without the cumbersome factor: a comfortable, roomy vehicle without excessive length and bulky weight. Its relatively small proportions belie its huge comfort and accommodating conveniences. Its beautiful exterior is only surpassed by its exquisite interior. That is the all new CS Adventurous RV from Roadtrek Class B Motorhomes. It is pure elegance on wheels.

The exterior features graceful, sleek lines, and is available in several classic, subtle hues, all of which underscore the timeless allure of the Adventurous’ quiet pizzazz. Designed with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in mind, at 170″ long it’s easy peasy to drive and maneuver, and a breeze to park.

Additional outstanding exterior features include:

Large Frameless Windows – Enjoy fantastic vistas throughout your travels without having to step outside.
Easy Access to Rear Doors – The spare tire is conveniently located under the Adventurous with no-hassle access to rear doors.
Spacious Storage compartments
Retractable Power Awning
Optional Additional 18″ Storage with XL Package

The open concept interior design provides the ultimate in elegance; its plush seating provides sumptuous comfort and a rich, sophisticated ambiance. Other interior features include:

Up to 91 cu. ft. of Storage
Expanded Galley – There’s plenty of room and all the modern kitchen essentials, including a 3.6 cu. ft fridge, convection microwave and ample storage for cooking and convenience.
Automatic Propane Heating System
Permanent, Spacious Bathroom Facilities – Including a sit-down or stand-up shower.
Sleeps Up To Four – There are single beds in front and king size or twin beds in the rear.
Seats Up To Seven

In addition, there are excellent modern safety features to make your driving experience worry-free and safer. They include:

Blind Spot Monitoring
Lane Keeping
Collision Prevention
High Beam Assist

If driving in a luxurious RV that is small enough to be considered a van yet large enough to provide the comforts, conveniences and features that many full-sized RVs have, then the Adventurous from Roadtrek is your cup of tea. The exterior speaks volumes about subtle class and bold elegance; the rich interior boasts lavish accommodations and regal comfort. Whether your travels are business associated or leisurely adventures with family or friends, they will be nothing less than a feeling of being at home. You and your traveling companions will experience the uncompromising, refined elegance that Mercedes-Benz is noted for around the world. If it’s time for you to step up to a serious upgrade in your traveling, stepping up to the opulent elegance of the Adventurous will bring you smiles for miles.

Driving a Class B Camper Van like a Pleasure Way or a Winnebago Era can be an amazing way to see the country, reconnect with family, and enjoy the pleasures of AscentExternal21the open road. However, with the power and freedom of a camper van comes a responsibility to share the road and be a respectful and safe driver. Here are 10 ways to become a more respectful and considerate driver while driving one of these RVs.

1. Keep the left lane for passing vehicles

Most states already have laws that state that the left lane should only be used when passing or when turning. If you aren’t doing either of the two, you should be in the right lane.

2. Learn to zipper merge

Zipper merging is a good way to make construction zones or quick lane closures work more efficiently. Most drivers think that they’re supposed to merge as soon as possible when they see lane closures on the highway. However, the most efficient way to merge is actually to wait as long as possible to merge and to do so at a higher speed. Doing so helps keep traffic jams to a minimum.

3. Keep an eye out down further when driving

The farther ahead you look when driving, the better you are able to react and avoid potential accidents, traffic jams, and other problems on the road. A number of accidents happen when people are simply looking at the car right in front of them. Learning to anticipate is crucial when driving a larger vehicle.

4. Maintain a safe following distance

Just as it’s important to look out further down the road, it’s also important to keep a safe distance when following other vehicles. This helps prevent accidents and helps you anticipate what’s coming up next.

5. Don’t be a rubberneck

Accidents are an unfortunate part of driving, but we can reduce the risk of causing additional accidents by keeping our eyes focused on the road ahead rather than by looking at accidents that have already happened.

6. Keep those high beams off

Unless you’re in the middle of the night and on roads where there aren’t lights set up, you shouldn’t be using those high beams. They blind other drivers and increase the risks of accidents.

7. Maintain the right of way when it’s yours

It might seem polite to yield the right of way when it’s yours, but don’t do it, as it leads to accidents.

8. Use your hazard lights to say thank you

It’s a quick way of being polite and acknowledging others when they let you in on the road.

9. Remember those turn signals

It’s a way of showing your manners to signal before you turn. It’s also the law.

10. Leave extra time for your trip

Finally, haste makes waste. Leave early to arrive on time.

An all-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 vehicle model was introduced recently, thrilling both Mercedes-Benz and 4-wheel drive enthusiasts. Since the chassis 2014-m-b-sprinter-van-front-action-600-001used on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is the same chassis that is used on several types of Class B Motorhomes, this opens many possibilities and the potential to see a 4×4 class B motor home in the future. These possibilities are something dreams are made of for those who love cruising the open highway in class B motor homes.

Several models of class B motor homes now use this chassis, including the Winnebago Era and the Airstream Interstate. This all-wheel drive system is not the kind that stays on all the time. Instead, it is more of an on-demand system where the driver pushes a button to activate it when it’s needed or wanted.
How The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Works

Once a driver has decided to use the 4WD system in the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and has pushed the button to activate it, a specialized electronic traction system called the 4ETS system kicks in. In addition drivers have the choice to start the 4WD either while the vehicle is still, or when it reaches a slow speed of about 5 mph. Drivers also have the choice to use this new 4WD system under off-road conditions, at a lower speed, by choosing the option of a special low range reduction feature.

There is also the option of a Downhill Speed Regulation, or DSR, to keep the vehicle traveling at a safer speed when one is going down hills. This works because of a unique new way the brakes, transmission and engine interact with one another to allow drivers to keep a steady speed, even downhill. With so many choices, drivers can have exactly the right system that works best for their needs and the conditions they plan to drive in.

Road Adventures Are Enhanced With A 4-Wheel Drive Option

No matter what road conditions are waiting to be faced on a challenging and exciting road adventure, a 4-wheel drive class B motor home would be able to handle the toughest conditions. From peaceful sandy shorelines to snow-covered, shimmering, untouched white mountain roads, 4WD capabilities would allow adventurers to go anywhere with ease and style.

Whether going off-road or steadily cruising down a gleaming black top highway, a class B motor home with all wheel drive would help to create a safer way to experience all the thrills of the road. The world is full of so much natural beauty just waiting to be explored. It would be nice to have the convenience of 4-wheel drive at your fingertips to use when it’s needed. The future may be closer than we think.

2013PursuitThe Pleasure-Way Pursuit is a product born out of trial and error. This Canadian motorhome manufacturer spent years crafting recreational vehicles that had both style and functionality while collecting feedback from loyal customers. The Pursuit is a by-product of that process. Consumers wanted a Class-B style home with a slightly larger base. Pleasure-Way met that challenge with their 22’ Pursuit.

Going Inside

There are three key features to take note of when entering the Pursuit. (more…)

You might have already read about the Pleasure-Way Pursuit, how it goes above and beyond many other Class B Motorhomes. Now you can see just how great this Class B-Plus motorhome really is with this fantastic walkthrough.

campingWith the cold days gone and temperatures rising, why not consider a camping trip for Father’s Day. Spending the day in your Class B Motorhome provides the opportunity for breathing fresh air, feeling the warm rays of the sun and enjoying some spectacular scenery. Spend special one-on-one time with Dad while boating, fishing or hiking. Many family operated campgrounds around the country create unique events in celebration of the day.

At Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, the Bakers Acres Camping facility features relay races not found anywhere else. The Diaper Change Race provides fathers with the opportunity of displaying their childcare skills, as men race along a course with dolls in strollers. Stopping at the changing station, they remove and replace mock dirty diapers and run back to the finish line.

Another race offered by the destination has dads competing in meal preparation. While dressed in bathrobes, slippers and hairnets, each father fashions a peanut butter and jelly sandwich accompanied by a glass of juice for each of their children. As the children sit at a distant table loudly complaining of hunger, the men may only deliver one food item at a time. The man completing the task first wins the race.

All enjoy a trivia game where fathers must answer questions based on children’s culture. Questions might include naming cartoon characters or naming celebrities of popular children’s television shows. The event promises side-splitting humor for all. Other competitions occurring during the fun-filled weekend include a baked bean contest and a s’mores feast around the campfire.

Other campgrounds hosting special Father’s Day events around the United States include:

Buttonwood Campground in Mexico, Pennsylvania, which offers fathers a special breakfast. The location also hosts a pedal toy race comprised of father and child teams.

Frontier Town Campground in Ocean City, Maryland, hosts a father/child look-alike competition along with a hairy leg contest.

Lake Bluff Campground in Wolcott, New York, hosts a strawberry shortcake eating competition along with a fishing tournament and a Giga ball rolling event along with other activities.

Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina in Newport Beach, California, offers many different events throughout the weekend that include a DIY cardboard boat race.

Pine Acres Campground in Oakham, Massachusetts, features a fishing contest along with an ugly tie competition.

Smoky Hollow Campground in Lodi, Wisconsin offers kids the chance to make gifts for their dad along with holding a redneck invention competition.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Harrisville, Pennsylvania has a father/child miniature golf competition along with horseshoe contests and a free breakfast.

N6-ActiveThe Roadtrek N6 Active is the latest state-of-the-art product released by the Canadian-based company. Centered around a Nissan NV2500 HD chassis, the N6 Active RV is propelled by the same 5.6 liter V8 engine and transmission found in Nissan’s Titan pickup truck, and it also features the truck’s same rugged boxed ladder frame. However, the upgraded suspension featured on the N6 is much more plush and similar to driving a Cadillac.

It may be a plush ride, but this bad boy of a vehicle cannot be accused of being soft. In fact, this revolutionary Class B motorhome has a cargo-carrying capacity of over 1,200 pounds, which is more than enough for six people and plenty of travel gear. Furthermore, it can tow up to 7950 pounds of boats, jeeps, or whatever toys a consumer can imagine. This makes it a terrific transportation option for those classic family vacations. (more…)

Pleasure-Way has rolled out a new line of RVs, it’s first ever B-Plus class motorhome. Straddling the economy of the B class and the luxury of the C class, the Pleasure-Way Pursuit provides something of the best of both worlds.

The Pursuit is built on a Ford E350 dual rear wheel cutaway chassis, giving it a 22 foot length. This is ideal for consumers who are looking for something roomier than the standard B class economy model without having the bus-like size of the C class. This means that it has room to stretch out in comfortably for a small family or couple, while not requiring special experience or training to operate. The smaller size makes if more fuel efficient as well. The Pursuit comes in at 13 to 15 miles per gallon on the highway, depending on the load, which is rather good for vehicles of its size. (more…)

roadtrek-daytonaThe Daytona 500 is the Big One: Speedweeks finale, largest purse on the NASCAR circuit (two million dollars!), and the most watched motor race in America. All NASCAR fans have dreamt of a trip to Daytona Beach for the “Superbowl of Stock Car Racing”, and some return year after year, but many prospective and first time visitors find themselves turned off by the hassles and high prices of the limited local accommodations. Anyone frustrated with the choice between crowded campgrounds and expensive hotels, should consider the affordable alternative of bringing their own home; a Roadtrek Motorhome.

The Roadtrek has been the best-selling class B motorhome in America for over twenty years, and is known as reliable and roomy choice for any family. Sleeping up to four (including king-sized master-bedroom) with its own kitchen, changing room, bathroom, and (in most models) private eating nook, the Roadtrek offers all the amenities of a full-size RV with the fuel economy of a smaller vehicle. The Roadtrek is the perfect choice for modern American road-tripping; an affordable vehicle that has interior space and luxury like a motorhome but gas-mileage and handling comparable to a regular SUV or van.

There will be 200,000 or more visitors at Daytona this year for “The Great American Race”, and they all need someplace to stay. Hotels and motels fill up fast and often demand that reservations be made far in advance, so arriving in a motorhome is a good choice for those who want to go at their own pace while saving money. There are many options for motorhome hook-ups in Daytona, including International Campgrounds and RV Park, Finishline RV, and South Daytona RV Park and Botanical Gardens. All have basic hook-ups and most include extras like swimming pool, laundry service, and wi-fi. Although varying in price, location, and amenities, they (and a dozen others in the greater Daytona Beach area) are all considerably cheaper than staying in a motel and offer more comfort and luxury than trying to camp out with just a car or van. 

Although the Big Race is the big draw for most visitors, there are plenty of things to do before and after the race. As the name suggests, Daytona is well-known for gorgeous beaches, but families looking for freshwater fun may also enjoy Daytona Lagoon, a massive waterpark with twelve rides, two miniature golf courses, and several swimming pools. Daytona also has many buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as museums of photography, science, and local history. Of course, Orlando is only an hour away, so visiting mammoth parks and attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios is always a possibility before, during, or after Speedweeks. 

All NASCAR fans should take a trip to the Daytona 500 at least once in their lives, and with the comfort and affordability of traveling in a Roadtrek Motorhome, this could be the year for many who might not have dreamed it.

class b motorhomeAt first glance, a conversion van and a Class B motor home may look very similar. Both are based on commercially produced vans manufactured by major automakers. However, the levels of modifications vary and the two classes of vehicles serve two separate purposes. A purchaser looking for the features of a conversion van would not be happy with a Class B motor home.

Conversion Vans

The conversion van starts with a basic commercially produced van and adds after-market accessories. Companies specializing in the conversion van market commonly add these accessories although some vans are still converted as do-it-yourself projects. Dealers often use the conversion van company name when marketing these vans.

A conversion travel van can include a raised roof sometimes known as a “high top.” This makes it easier to move around within the van. Other features commonly added include luxury seating, entertainment centers including televisions and stereos, coolers or refrigerators and mood lighting. This type of conversion van makes long road trips more comfortable especially for larger groups. Some conversion vans offer comfortable seating for as many as eight people.

Conversion vans serve a number of specialized purposes along with offering road-trip comfort. Some conversion vans are equipped to provide access to people who utilize wheelchairs for mobility. These conversions commonly include lifts for wheelchairs and special brackets to hold the wheelchair stable during travel.

Some specially equipped conversion vans serve as mobile workplaces. These vans often include raised roofs to make it easier for workers to move about. Often the vans receive specialized upgrades specific to the workers using the vehicle. This can include cell phone and mobile computer connectivity for a salesman or satellite communications equipment for a remote television crew.

Class B Motor Homes

A Class B motor home utilizes the body of the van as the exterior of the vehicle. Almost all of Class B motorhomes feature a raised roof allowing the traveler to walk around within the vehicle. The rear portion of the van serves as the living quarters of the motor home and often features seating the folds out into a bed, a cooler or refrigerator, a dining table and entertainment items such as a television or stereo. Some Class B motor homes offer a toilet but few offer any shower facilities.

Class B motor homes offer the most economical camping experience for the recreational vehicle enthusiast. The vehicles can be used as a second vehicle by the family and can be parked in a normal garage or parking spot. Other advantages include better fuel economy than most recreational vehicles, an ease of driving not found in larger campers and a lower cost of acquisition.

This vehicle does have some limitations as a recreational vehicle. The Class B motor home offers comfortable camping for two people although some campers offer enough space for one or two children as well. The campers provide little storage space for the recreational items and camping supplies and are usually limited to short camping excursions.

Common Traits

Conversion vans and Class B motor homes are both commonly based upon full-sized vans. This makes the vehicles capable of towing trailers, if necessary. Dealers and maintenance shops associated with the van manufacturer can handle maintenance to the engine and drive train. Both versions of the van have become popular with people who “tailgate” or picnic in the parking lots of sporting events because of the comfort and amenities they offer.