N6-ActiveThe Roadtrek N6 Active is the latest state-of-the-art product released by the Canadian-based company. Centered around a Nissan NV2500 HD chassis, the N6 Active RV is propelled by the same 5.6 liter V8 engine and transmission found in Nissan’s Titan pickup truck, and it also features the truck’s same rugged boxed ladder frame. However, the upgraded suspension featured on the N6 is much more plush and similar to driving a Cadillac.

It may be a plush ride, but this bad boy of a vehicle cannot be accused of being soft. In fact, this revolutionary Class B motorhome has a cargo-carrying capacity of over 1,200 pounds, which is more than enough for six people and plenty of travel gear. Furthermore, it can tow up to 7950 pounds of boats, jeeps, or whatever toys a consumer can imagine. This makes it a terrific transportation option for those classic family vacations. (more…)

Dreams of having a mobile entertainment hot spot can be at the tips of your fingers. This is a possibility when turning a class b motorhome into a mobile entertainment hotspot. Conversion vans are wonderful for creating mobile hot spots. There several reasons why.
The first is that there is a lot of room inside of this vehicle to hold the equipment necessary for entertainment. Secondly, the size is big enough to fit a lot of entertainment inside yet small enough to be mobile. This means that with a little bit of the imagination a true entertainment Mogul can convert a class b motorhome into the city’s best entertainment hotspot.
This is a time when making money is very important to many families, having a class b motorhome is a wonderful money maker. There are several different types of entertainment options that a class b motorhome owner can use in order to turn their vehicle into cash in their pocket.

Mobile Internet Café and Study Groups

Having an internet cafe is very important for many reasons there are many individuals who do not have access to the internet in their homes. A mobile internet café would mean that the class b motorhome would have to have WI-if installed. A wonderful idea for the café is to host study groups or parties for colleges. High school, standardize test, and other study group parties would also be great uses for the café. Hosting internet cafe study groups are awesome money makers in cities with large college populations.

Karaoke Bars and Amateur Talent Nights
Another option for a class b motorhome entertainment spot is a karaoke bar. This is an event that could create an outdoor club type atmosphere without the overhead. Filling the vehicle with audio equipment will attract customers passing by to take advantage of singing and dancing to their favorite song. Having snacks or drinks available will increase profits. Sponsoring talent nights can give customers an alternative to visiting the same clubs and inspire visits by winning prizes. Who doesn’t like to watch local talent? Hosting birthday parties and other social parties can bring singing and dancing right to the doorstep of guests.

Mobile Movie Theater and Love Mobile

A movie theater is a wonderful idea for this type of vehicle. For individuals and who are interested in having a private romantic time. For customers, riding in the back of a class b motorhome while watching a movie can create those 1960’s drive in theater feeling. The greatest quality is that there is someone driving the customer around so they can sit back and enjoy themselves.

Gaming Competitions

In today’s world, everybody’s looking for that gaming partner. Hosting a gaming center is ideal for conversion vans. Having the inside draped in black will create a cozy effect to make the gamer feel like they are in the game. Hosting competitions along with game debuts will generate the profit that any mobile business needs.

Many American families love the freedom of camping. For some that means packing up a tent and roughing it for a while, while for others it means loading up in a class b motorhome and hitting the highways, being completely self-reliant for many weeks. Some of the most beautiful places in Ohio can be reached while camping, check one or more of them out today!

10. South Bass Island State Park

Those looking for a chance to get away from it all and still be close to the water will enjoy a stay at Put In Bay, Ohio. This campground offers great views and access to Lake Erie, and boaters will find that this park offers easy access to boat docks without the hustle of nearby Oak Point.

9. Mary Jane Thurston State Park

Anglers will especially enjoy staying at the 591-acre state park that offers some of the best fishing in the state of Ohio in the Maumee. Campers will find many nooks and crannies just begging to be explored. This park features a historic canal that history buffs will enjoy.

9. Hocking Hills State Park

This park offers many activities that are waiting for your arrival. Hikers and photographers will love exploring Old Man’s Cave, Cedar Falls and Ash Cave. Archers will love competing on this campgrounds archery range. The park has nine hiking trails that wait for you to discover them. Many artists work near you and wait for your arrival.

8. Indian Lake State Park

If you enjoy playing in the water the 5,800-acre state park offers opportunities to boat, fish and ski. Do not forget about the fun of camping in the winter and this park offers a great opportunity to do just that with abundant opportunities to snowmobile, ice skate, cross country ski, ice fish and ice boat.

7. Paint Creek State Park

Equestrians and mountain bikers both enjoy camping at this campground near Bainbridge, Ohio. The park features 18.2 miles just for trail riding and 12 miles of paths for mountain biking. After you have worked up a lather, then cool off at the 1,000 foot sandy beach with outstanding swimming facilities. Some of the best pheasant, rabbit, white-tailed deer and duck hunting are located on the adjacent public lands.

6. Cowan Lake

The beautiful water lilies make this park one of the most beautiful in the nation, and it is located right in the great state of Ohio. In addition, the 1,075-acre park offers great opportunities to fish, sail, canoe and swim. Many campers enjoy hiking through the mature woods filled abundant birdlife.

5. Deer Creek State Park

Anglers get an early start at this campground that offers some of the best early spring saugeye fishing to be found in the state. They can also enjoy catching catfish, largemouth bass and crappie. The campground offers a great 18-hole golf course complete with 10 ponds and 52 sand traps. The park also features great equestrian, mountain biking and snowmobiling trials.

4. Evergreen Park RV Resort

Guests at this campground enjoy a luxurious camping experience with buggy rides and an indoor heated pool with a large hot tub. There is much to be explored near this campground so come ready to explore the Amish country. Several nearby theaters give regular performances. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is also located nearby.

3. NASCAR RV Resorts at Indian Creek
Something exciting is always happening at this resort with campground pig roasts being a regular feature. This park also has regular bands playing. It has its own miniature golf course just waiting for someone to challenge you. The ice cream at this campground is outstanding. The pool is large and kept very clean.

2. Beachwood Acres

Located near Lake Cowan, this beautiful park is filled with activities that everyone will enjoy doing. Adults and children alike will delight while digging for gemstones at this park. Enjoy walking to the nearby hiking trails, ample fishing opportunities and playing in the heated swimming pool.

1. Shady Trails Family Campground

Antique lovers adore visiting the wide variety of shops near Hillsboro, Ohio, while the children are playing in the pool and the largest game room of any campground in the state.

Fresh snow, ice and wind create a beautiful and stunning landscape. However, nobody wants class b motorhome  trouble during winter. Temperatures often go below zero degrees Fahrenheit, roads are slippery and during blizzards visibility is considerably reduced. Nature prepares for winter during autumn, and autumn is the best time for people to prepare for winter driving. A class b motorhome  needs attention both inside and out. Preparing now relieves winter driving stress, and besides, candy bars sound good anytime.

Pick a fall day when the temperature is above 55 degrees Fahrenheit to wash and wax the class b motorhome . Moisture beads up so it’s easier to brush off ice and snow.

During winter, roads are sprayed with sand and salt to increase tire traction. Stepping into a class b motorhome  brings in the ice, snow, sand and salt. Vacuum out the class b motorhome  before dealing with this mixture, and replace normal class b motorhome  floor mats with water-resistant mats.

Cold temperatures change the way metal and fluids behave. Test the electrical system. Winter driving means extra power is needed for windshield wipers, defrosters and heat. All indicator lights must work. The battery needs to handle everything at once. To test the battery, turn on the headlights when the class b motorhome  is off. Then start the class b motorhome  and if the lights are brighter with the class b motorhome  running have the battery checked for its power output. It may need to be replaced or recharged.

Now is the time to check the water level in the radiator, and add antifreeze if it’s needed. Check the coolant system and all fluids, including the break and transmission fluids. While you’re at it, look for leaks in hoses. The class b motorhome  may run better on oil designed for cold temperatures. Look over the owner’s manual for recommendations.

Driving through a snowstorm, whether during the day or night, is not the time to wonder whether or not the wipers are good and if there’s enough deicer cleaning fluid. Everyone wants to see as far ahead as possible. A bothersome windshield reduces concentrating on the road. The wipers on the driver and the passenger side need to grip the windshield and make a clean sweep. Streaks of snow or ice on a windshield are not easy to see around.

Winter tires are designed to grip through ice, slush and snow. Winter tires handle better than all-season tires on un-plowed roads. Braking and turning is safer with proper tires.

Preparing for winter driving requires carrying around special equipment. Carry around jumper cables in the class b motorhome . Your battery might run down, or someone else may need a jump. Carry a scraper and brush. Carry tire chains for mountainous roads. Also carry a shovel and sand or cat litter for traction. Pack a first aid kit, extra windshield washer fluid, a flashlight, flares, candles, waterproof matches, blankets, dry gloves, a knife and high protein food like candy bars.

Preparing a class b motorhome  now for winter reduces the stress of winter driving. Once winter is over, it’s nice to celebrate and eat up the candy bars.

Their motto is “All of our vehicles are driven to satisfaction.” That pretty well sums up the guarantee of Dave Arbogast and his time at Arbogast Conversion Vans in Troy, Ohio. Arbogast had dream in mind when he purchased the a car dealership there in 1992. Before the first year had gone by he could see that the original facility and location just weren’t big enough for what he was planning. He purchased 35 more acres the very next year and that was the beginning of a new modern facility and with it an expanded dream.

The dealership grew by leaps and bounds. Soon a building for pre-owned vehicles went up, then a facility for boats and RV’s. The business just kept growing. First there were new vehicles, then used vehicles, then RV’s, the boats and then conversion vans. One of the latest adventures has been in that ever-popular market of fifth-wheel trailers and other travel homes and motor homes. The reasons for this rapid expansion are many. Every vehicle is guaranteed. There is certainly something here for everyone, every budget, every family, every need, every adventure. The inventory is expansive. There are many dealerships all over the United States that offer the same vehicles and watercraft and motor homes that Arbogast offers. But one important convenience stands out with the Arbogast dealership. Everything they offer can be found at one location. That’s a hard deal to beat.

Arbogast has received awards and commendations for every product they carry and every manufacturer they represent. He has certainly earned his place as an industry leader in every facet of the business. Another reason for their success is the availability for you to have you vehicle picked up and brought to the facility for service and also to receive delivery anywhere of a vehicle you purchase.

With all the awards and achievements it just seems to follow that the Arbogast dealership would classes as the #1 Class B Motor Homes in all the state of Ohio. The offer everything in motor homes from Airstream Interstate to Roadtrek RS Adventurous to Winnebago Era. This is the place for the best deals you’ll find in class B motor homes.

So there you have it, many reasons for the fast expansion and the continual growth of the Arbogast dealership. Dave Arbogast says those reasons are all true, but he adds one more thing. The real reason for the explosive growth and success of the dealership lies in these two words: Customer Satisfaction.

Looking for a spacious RV that can fit your family perfectly but can’t spare the price for a Class A or C motorhome? If you’re considering on investing on these vehicles, a viable option would definitely be the Winnebago Era, regardless of the type of RV you’re looking for or the specific requirements or demands that you have. Winnebago Era can easily meet one’s standards and provide complete amenities for the whole family.

Winnebago is an industry-leading motorhome company that offers an extensive range of RVs, RV parts, cars, trucks and boats. They offer both brand new and used vehicles in order to support the cost variable of each and every client. With this, you’ll have a myriad of options to choose from despite your tight budget. Traveling with your family on-road or touring a country can be extremely fun, however, without the right transportation vehicle; this experience may turn into a stressful and boring trip.

One of the many models that Winnebago has in their garage is the Winnebago Era Class B motorhome. This particular model is designed to be very versatile, simple and easy to drive, and very fuel-efficient thus maintaining your gas costs to a minimum. It takes full advantage over the power and capabilities of the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 chassis and takes you to an entirely new adventure that may seem impossible to trek with an RV. The Winnebago Era is also integrated with the SmartSpace principle that helps maximize the interior of the vehicle while fitting it with fully-furnished amenities. The RV’s interior comprises of elegantly decorated tabletops and cabinet furnishings with stylish and classy materials, including Metro and Fusion. The operating sofa and bed is engineered to be very comfortable for the family, with spacious and cleverly installed beds and windows. The rooms are also incorporated with 22-inch LED TV that you can spend time in when bored or to help you quickly fall asleep. The bathroom is designed with a properly leveled shower with a flexible handle.

Overall, buying the Winnebago Era class B motorhome can surely be a smart investment for future years to come, especially for families who are mostly on road and traveling in different cities and countries. The Winnebago Era class B is definitely a good machine with a good price.

Winnebago ERA motorhomes give you and your spouse or family an excellent way to travel which pays for itself. Never be constrained by the hotel system again. Set your own schedule as you travel in style with this exclusive brand. Also, buying a motorhome allows you to be truly adventurous going as far as your imagination will take you. You can spend family time camping, racing, hiking, hunting, fishing in all areas of the country, and come “home” to luxurious surroundings. Winnebago motorhomes are designed with the customer in mind.

Winnebago Industries works to constantly innovate and improve their designs to accommodate virtually any situation. Their engineers make use of every piece of furniture for maximal functionality and space preservation. Winnebago Industries has stayed in business for over 50 years due to this commitment to constant improvement and making features that cause owners to enjoy their motorhomes.

Safety is always a primary consideration when constructing a Winnebago Era and designers pay strict attention to every aspect of safety. In addition, Winnebago Industries has received the RV Dealers Association Quality Circle award every year since that organization began giving that award. The name Winnebago has become synonymous with quality.

The components used in Winnebago motorhomes are made by top manufacturers and are optimized for fuel efficiency. This is important for the frequent traveler as gas prices can impact the cost of your motorhome vacation. There is also a commitment from the Winnebago company to use environmentally friendly components whenever possible. Some Winnebago motorhomes get better gas mileage than some SUVs.

People who buy class b motorhomes typically enjoy the outdoors. Give your family a gift of family time and memory making by purchasing the ultimate motorhome, a Winnebago. When you purchase this prestigious brand, you can be sure you are making an investment in a recreational and functional vehicle that will carry you through many years to come. Whether you are ready to retire and tour the US in style, or purchase a motorhome for your young family’s vacations and sightseeing, we can find a model of motorhome for you. Choose the floor plan and accoutrements that meet your traveling needs and experience the simple luxury of a Winnebago. If you are going to purchase a motorhome, purchase a brand that has proven its serious attention to safety and quality. You will be so glad that you did!

Roadtrek Class B motorhomes are amazing. It is like a dream come true. Imagine being able to travel when and where you want without trying to get through the security checkpoints at the airport. You can use the money that you would have spent on the airline ticket for the vacation of a life time. You will never pay over a $100.00 a night for another motel room again, unless you just want too. Plus you can take your pets along without having to worry about where they are going to stay. You can literally save hundreds on eating out because you can prepare your own meals. This is definitely an economical way to travel but with luxury and style.

These motorhomes come packed with features. It is like a home away from home. You simply pick the model you like and there are several to choose from. Then you can choose the basic package which is awesome. But you can also choose upgrades. It can be designed to fit your tastes. Some of the features include a kitchen to store and make meals. There is a bathroom with a shower. Nearby is a changing room. There is sleeping room for 2 to 4 people. Also there is a living area where you can stretch out and relax. The living area has seating for up seven people, which is perfect for company. It has everything you need.

Because of the Roadtrek motorhomes aerodynamic shape and low overall size and weight, it gets about the same mileage as a full size SUV. The size makes it easy to drive and you can park it just about anywhere. It is great to take across town to a tailgating party or tow a trailer as it has an 8100 lb. towing capacity. It comes packed with several safety features including driver and passenger airbags, traction control, electronic stability, and ABS brakes. There is also a four wheel drive option that is available.

This is every drivers dream. The swiveling captain’s seats are extremely comfortable. The instrument panel is loaded with everything imaginable. Everything is very smart and stylish. These motorhomes come with a standard 36 month/36,000 mile basic warranty along with a 60 month/100,000 mile power train warranty. Also included in the warranty package is a 60 month/100,000 mile roadside assistance plan. Roadtrek motorhomes have been the best selling since 1990. If you are looking for fun and excitement, this is the way to go.

Traveling can be fun, exciting and really, an exhilarating experience. However, often times, it can become a huge hassle as well. Knowing how to pack, in what to travel, and where to go can mean the difference between a good and bad time. What you travel in, is usually the most important thing about where you can go and how you get there. For example, if you travel in a big mobile home, this can limit the places you can get to, especially the more adventurous and wild spots. If you get to places in something too small (such as a small car) you may not be able to take with you all the provisions you need for the various places you wish to visit.

This is why, camper vans are the optimal choice. They are certainly not as small as regular cars and can fit necessities of all types and for both short and long trips. For camping or for simple sightseeing, for more civilized and more wilderness type places. In addition to this, they are not as big as mobile homes which means that you can actually get to all the places you wish to go with ease.

A camper van is essentially built in the same fashion as a regular van, so seating arrangements for passengers and the driver are similar to anyone who has ever been in a van. This makes operating the camper van easy. In other words, it will not feel like you are driving and parking a bus, it will not take up extra parking space and will get around small and tight corners on the road. However, in addition to the regular van set up, a camper van has both a small living room area, a bedroom area, a bathroom, kitchen and an entertainment area where you can keep the anxious kids busy for hours. This of course, makes the actual living part of the traveling more manageable and fun.

Finding the perfect camper van for you and your family can be quite a challenge. There are many varieties out there and all have different cons and pros. Dave Arbogast Van Depot makes finding and buying camper vans fun, interesting, easy and rewarding. Not only does Dave Arbogast Van Depot offer a wide selection of vans to suit your unique family’s (or just your) needs, but with their top of the line customer service they can help you decide which camper van is the best by steering you in directions you did not know existed. Dave Arhogast camper van services also offer the most affordable camper vans for their high quality and durability.

The entire inventory can be viewed online on the customer friendly websites that can give you a head start on your camper van purchase decisions.


I like old TV shows.

Old, and I will admit, somewhat strange. Turn on the Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the Outer Limits, or my personal favorite, the Twilight Zone, and I won’t talk to you until the show is over. One network has a Twilight Zone marathon over New Years—and what I don’t stay up to see I record, even though I haveINVENTORY2 seen most of those shows over and over. They just don’t make TV shows like that anymore.

Now, we have talked about the benefits of the Roadtrek Class B motor home, the best selling such vehicle in North America for twenty years. Regardless of whether your trip is near or far, you never have to leave home without all the comforts you are used to. Your own shower, kitchen, bedroom, and most importantly, entertainment area! Imagine after a long day on the road, and exhausting time of travel and sightseeing, how about a little rest and relaxation with a Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock DVD? You can enjoy it from the twin beds in the back, or the captains’ seats up front. That’s living, folks, and living large at that!

There are so many positives to a Roadtrek. It’s easy to handle on the open road or in heavy traffic. Parking is a breeze because of the Roadtrek’s smaller size. It gets much better gas mileage than a full sized SUV. Make your own meals, no more hotels and loading and unloading the van. No more restroom breaks needed in the middle of nowhere—a Roadtrek makes traveling a pleasure across town or across the country. Wherever you want to go, the Roadtrek is more than capable of taking you there.

And to top it all off, to make it a perfect experience, there are the Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone DVDs. Be careful though, you might have to sleep with the lights on!

No dealer in the country has a better selection of new and used class b camper vans than Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio. Their entire inventory can be viewed online, and then a quick call to one of their van experts at 1-866-975-3287 sets everything in motion. After the deal is done, Arbogast can deliver your van to your driveway anywhere in the United States! Not even a full evening of the Twilight Zone could make that scary!