The 2013 Roadtrek 170-Versatile certainly lives up to its name in every way possible. Whether you are going on a weekend jaunt, or you are finally going on that long-delayed camping trip, you will appreciate the efficiency, parking ease and drivability of the 170. It beautifully combines value, comfort and convenience all in the same affordable package. It is exactly the kind of quality vehicle that the world has come to expect from Roadtrek.roadtrek-170-popular

Built on the Chevrolet Express 2500 regular van chassis the 2013 Roadtrek 170 Versatile has excellent maneuverability in heavy traffic and in tight spaces. It comes loaded with an assortment of useful features. For starters, it gets better gas mileage than most varieties of camper vans that are currently on the market. This vehicle is perfect for an active family. The rear power sofa easily converts into a comfortable double bed that is six foot, 2 inches. It sleeps up to four and seats up to seven. Folding mattresses that are optional are required in the front. There is an ample amount of space for your belongings. This is thanks to the across the rear storage that is below the bed. Another room can be created by placing the front cloverleaf dining table into storage.170_Versatile_38_Living_Arrangement_HR

There are dual screens on the backs of the front captain’s seats. The kids can use the screens to watch movies or play video games in the second row. Very little space is taken up by the home theater system and 19 inch flat screen TV. You can rotate the TV into the aisle, enabling the people sitting in the front captain’s seats to watch it.

If only one or two people are going on a trip, a built-in table and additional shelf space can be created by removing the lounge seat located behind the driver. A cabinet is able to be attached in its place. This can also provide you with additional space to hang clothes. After this change has been made, the rear bed will still be separate from the front sitting area. Three seats will remain in the front. If you need additional storage, the passenger side lounge seat can be replaced with an optional armoire. The armoire is perfect for long trips when additional clothing is needed.

The 2013 Roadtrek 170-Versatile also comes with a variety of options, including 110V 19″ LED TV W/Rotating Bracket, Onan Microlite Gas Generator – 2.8Kw, Platinum Interior Décor, 2013 Chevrolet Express 2500 Chassis Upgrade, “Screen Kit – Side and Rear, Continental Spare Tire Kit and SE Package – Silver Exterior W/Matching Lower Body.

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What’s the perfect class b van? Are you looking for a new van that has more to offer than even a well-equipped motorhome? Check out the Roadtrek 190-Versatile Class B Van! This camper van offers seating for up to seven people and sleeping room for up to four! This motorhome is built on the Chevrolet Express 3500 chassis, therefore adding no more size, just luxurious amenities.

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