This Thursday April 14th, starts this years Total Sale at Dave Arbogast in Troy, Ohio! It is their one and only sale of the year, and they make it well worth it with prices on every item in stock below rock bottom! total sale

When we say every item in stock we mean it, this includes all RVs on the lot as well as the very popular Roadtrek Class B motorhomes! These Class B models are motorhomes slightly smaller and more compact than the next size up Class C motorhomes, but are larger with many more amenities than a conversion van.

Don’t miss your opportunity to drive home a Roadtrek SS Ideal, with the innovative rear slide out adding an additional 36” of interior space, the only one in the industry! Check out stock number RV3291, a 2010 SS Ideal priced at only $82,908! This RV has a power rear sofa which lays down into a double bed, a convection microwave oven, restroom and shower area, coffee maker, and rear back-up camera among many other fabulous features! You don’t want to let this one gat away!

With every Roadtrek purchase you get a spin on the Spin It to Win It Wheel! Prized on the wheel include Apple iPads, 50” LED TVs, cash prizes up to $400, and much more! Don’t miss your opportunity to get the steal of the year on your next Roadtrek and as a bonus, get your spin on the wheel!

All of the unbelievable deals start on Thursday the 14th and run until Monday the 18th, with extended hours every night until midnight! Check out all items offered during the sale on their website at Mark your calendars; this is one sale you do not want to miss! Call toll free (877) 844-0475 with any questions or for any additional information, one of their RV experts would be happy to assist you.

Still feel that the original Roadtrek models are a bit too big for you? No worries. Roadtrek now offers your solution, the SS Series Class B motorhomes. They are built on the Short Sprinter chassis with a 144” wheelbase compared to a 170” wheelbase on the original models. These total body length of these motorhomes are 40” shorter and allow for a total vehicle length of a mere 19.5 feet! With all of the same amenities offered in the original series of Roadtrek Class B motorhomes it is all wrapped up in a slightly smaller even more manageable package!

Even better, specifically look at the Roadtrek SS-Ideal; this model offers a rear slide out room giving an additional 36” of interior space! This is the first slide to be produced in a Class B motorhome in the industry. You have the best of both worlds, a 40” shorter vehicle while driving and the slide is in, and an additional three feet of length when parked and the slide is out. In the end, there is basically no space lost at all!

Check these awesome new Class B’s out at Dave Arbogast today, and allow us to help you find your dream motorhome!

Just when you think a Class B motorhome can’t get any better, Roadtrek has finally done it all! The new Roadtrek SS-Ideal now boasts a 36” slide our room! Roadtrek is the first in the Class B industry to add this feature that has now become a mainstay in the Class A and Diesel Pusher market. This slide comes out the rear of the motorhome when parked and the rear doors are opened. The slide adds a full three feet of interior length to the vehicle, while keeping the collapsed whole body length to a mere 19.5 feet.

With this new rear slide out feature, the SS-Ideal is able to seat four very comfortably, and sleep two on its double bed. This revolutionary new model is the ultimate in Class B travel. Get a better look at it today in our Class B Camper Van inventory, and as always, we a Class B sales specialist is available to provide you any information that you need (866) 975-3287.

Dear Mr. Arbogast:

I am writing today to let you know how incredibly pleased we are with our new Roadtrek SS-Ideal motorhome. My husband and I have been retired for almost two years now and we love to travel. My husband has a condition in his brain that does not allow us to travel by airplane, so we purchased a large Class A diesel motorhome shortly before we retired. The first three trips we made were to Washington D.C., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and Sarasota, Florida. We are North Carolina residents, so these trips were not terribly far from home. However, following the Sarasota trip, we decided that our diesel motorhome was too much for us. Too big, difficult to park, terrible gas mileage and an overall hassle for us.

We began looking into other travel options for ourselves and that is when we found your website and learned about Roadtrek Class B motorhomes. We knew as soon as we saw them on your website that it was exactly what we needed. About two weeks ago we planned a trip to visit your dealership in Ohio. We drove our big motorhome there and you kindly allowed us to stay on your lot overnight. The following day we saw every model of Class B that you have, and fell in love with the Roadtrek SS-Ideal. We traded our big “gas eater” in that very same day for it!

We drove it back home to North Carolina and my husband could not tell me enough how easy it was to drive, how the visibility was just like driving a van, and how impressed he was with the gas mileage. We couldn’t wait to plan our next trip! Before we even got home, we decided that our first trip in our new class b van would be to Niagara Falls, neither of us has been there! We are going the second week of March, and I will write again after we return to let you know how our experience was.

Thank you for inviting us to park overnight at your lot, and for the wonderful service we received while we were there, we couldn’t be any more pleased, and will never travel any other way!


Judith Owens