The soaring popularity of conversion vans combined with everything about high technology going mobile these days naturally lends itself to some owners getting pretty creative in how they utilize their vans. This raises the question: Can a conversion van really be converted into a mobile office? Let’s see just how it would be done.


About Conversion Vans

For those not in the know, these vans are not just visually stunning both on the outside and inside, they also have as standard features such items that are simply unthinkable to have in a car or SUV. These items include a range and a stove, luxurious, plush seats for up to nine passengers and driver, as well as flat screen TVs and some even have bathrooms. The first step in creating a mobile office would be to simply remove two of the rows of seats so that the owner/office worker has a more spacious interior to easily move around and maneuver and not feel cramped. With some seats out, he definitely won’t feel cramped.

What Is Needed For A Mobile Office

Several things are absolutely required for such a mobile office in a van like this. They include a laptop computer or tablet, a desk or a work station, a comfortable desk chair if desired, additional lights, a printer, and some of the smaller items that any office tends to have such as a calculator, stapler, paper clips, extra paper, scotch tape, and even a mini coffee maker. All of these needed items could very easily be set up and arranged inside and placed on both the work station as well as on an additional table or desk once some of the seats have been removed.

Huge Amounts of Interior Room

For those who don’t want to remove any seating, the inside of a conversion van is so massive that if a person simply wants to utilize a laptop or tablet, he really doesn’t require more than one desk or even a work station. He could simply sit on one of the extremely comfortable and elegant captain’s chairs to hit the keyboard. Just a small table would be needed for the coffee maker, which could easily be affixed to the table top, and aforementioned smaller items. They could be securely and conveniently located inside a small, locked cabinet and then taken out when needed.

Completing The Mobile Office Project

Since everything is already installed inside the van in terms of the electrical system and wiring, using any outlet is effortless to plug anything in as needed such as the extra lights. They could easily be installed on the ceiling and tapped into the system. And when driving, everything could be safely secured in tightly sealed metal or plastic chests. Nothing would ever fall and nothing would ever get lost or damaged. It’s perfect.

Let’s face it. There was probably a time in the not too distant past when you were as proud of your conversion van1fde4b07dce426fb5f358a29f7917abfx as you were anything else you owned. But in the time since there have probably been numerous things happen inside that van the makes you take a not-do-prideful look at your van today. In fact, it is probably such a mess that you’re even giving serious thought to selling it. If you would really not sell your van or perhaps don’t have the money for something new, that’s a good thing since this article will show you how to turn that beloved machine into

All the Needs that Fit

It doesn’t take much of a look through the auto care section of your local store to impress upon you how much there is available to help you clean your van. Fortunately, with this in mind, all you need to do to start is to make a mental list of all the surfaces you have in your van. If your van is like most, there are probably carpeted areas, vinyl, plastic, leather, and many others. Now to take your list to the car care section to pick out what you need. Don’t be deceived into believing the ads for one product that fits all, but there are specific products for each surface,.

Now For the Equipment

All of those soaps and cleaners won’t clean your van by themselves. You’re going to need a variety of brushes, rags, maybe a chamois, and other tools to make them work. It’s also a good idea, depending on how much detail you want to get into, to have some small tools to wrap your rags around in order to get into little cracks and other areas that might be too small for your fingers to reach.

The Overall Job

Not long after you get started with your cleaning, chances are good that you will have the beginning of some serious residue from the cleaning products all over your van’s interior. A small vacuum cleaning can make short work of this as well as the final all-over cleaning when you’re getting done. If you have shampooed the carpeting you will also need the vacuum to finish that part off too.

It’s not a matter of rocket science to clean your conversion van. In fact, after you get started you will probably be surprised to discover how good your van will look, both today and for years to come.

Roadtrek has recently announced their 40th anniversary special edition model at the 2013 Supershow that was held in Hershey, PA from September 11 – 15, 2013.6f12aad4635619edbb8db5b82b47b27bx

The latest recreational vehicle from a company that has earned a reputation for superior quality will include a host of innovative features. With a stunning finish that has a crushed-glass paint job, the newest Roadtrek is made to stand out from the competition, and the mocha-and-steel color matches the tan leather couch and captain chairs that are found inside the class b motorhome. Also offering more headroom, a fully integrated shower, and modern bamboo cabinets, this vehicle is made for comfort and is an ideal option for those who enjoy traveling for extended periods of time.

To meet the needs of consumers who are interested in saving money, the new Roadtrek van offers up to 205 watts of power from its own solar generators. Power is also to be found in abundance because the vehicle has an upgraded 3500-watt engine generator as well as a 3000-watt power inverter. With four coach batteries and a hot water heating system, the Roadtrek RV is built for comfort. Each Roadtrek RV in the lineup is constructed around a traditional Chevrolet van chassis, and the anniversary model is based on the Chevy 190 Popular.

Roadtrek Motorhones, Inc. is a company that leads the industry in the manufacture of RVs in all of North America. The firm’s president, Jim Hammill, is celebrating 40 years in the industry by introducing a flagship model that includes the features that have made the company such a success over the past four decades. Roadtrek was first founded in 1953 by Jac Hanemaayer. Hanemaayer first became involved in the industry when he had another company design a vehicle for his personal use. He liked the RV so much that he decided to purchase the company. Hanemaayer eventually redesigned the RV and endowed it with a lower-profile roof and a lowered floor. Buyers also benefitted under his leadership at Roadtrek because the company offered three different floor plans. This was the original Roadtrek Van Motorhome.

Today, the Roadtrek brand is known for its outstanding blend of performance, safety, and comfort, and the models are designed with the features that modern consumers expect. All RVs are completely self contained and have a kitchen, shower, bedroom, bathroom, and entertainment area. Optional four-wheel drive is offered to those who need it, and large families can benefit from the relaxation area and outside showers.

Roadtrek models are engineered for a wide variety of uses, and they are an excellent choice for sports fans who enjoy tailgating at their favorite events. Additionally, the vehicles are an outstanding choice for a long and leisurely vacation or time spent visiting family members who live in other states or provinces.

conversionvanConversion vans offer something that other vehicles do not. The conversion allows the owner to use the vehicle as a passenger or cargo van during the week, and a recreational vehicle on the weekends. Many have seats that fold down into beds in the back, are equipped with entertainment centers and have better insulation than other vehicles. This allows travel and camping all year long. There are ways to get the most out of your conversion van and help the environment at the same time.

1. Maintain The Entire Vehicle

Electrical systems, brakes, transmission and the engine should receive regular maintenance. This ensures that everything is in peak working condition. Maintained engines use less fuel than poorly maintained ones; this goes for both gasoline and diesel models. It also reduces the possibility of a breakdown on the road. Ensure the tires are properly inflated; this is one of the most common causes of reduced gas mileage and blowouts.

2. Develop Good Driving Habits (more…)

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Camp outs used to be all about the kids. Before any trip, I would spend weeks packing the trailer and the truck and making sure that we had everything we could possible need: beach towels, bike helmets, float toys. Once up in the mountains, my “vacation” was filled with chores like cooking over a campfire, washing dishes in cold water and keeping everyone coated with sunscreen and bug spray.

Those days are over, now. I have to admit, they were great. I will never regret giving my kids such happy childhood memories, but the kids are all grown and have kids of their own. Camping out is now all about hubby and me, and freedom is the name of the game.

rv dealer ohio
We have a sweet, little Airstream Interstate. It’s just the right size for hubby, the chihuahua and me. When the weekend comes, we just throw in a few clothes and a bag of groceries, and off we go. No planning is needed, and no advanced packing is required. The Airstream is compact, so it’s easy on gas and easy to drive and park, but it has everything that our little family of three could possibly need. We’ve got a refrigerator, a microwave and a two-burner cook-top. No more campfire cooking for me! We’ve also got a comfy bed with our own blankets and pillows, so we never have to search for a hotel in the middle of the night. We’ve got storage for our camping gear and elegant captains chairs which really help when you’re babysitting a bad back.

I never thought we’d have this much fun with our little rig. We’ve taken our class b motorhome to National Parks, to the coast and on a state-wide tour. We even went to a chili cook-off and stayed in an RV park right in the middle of a city. Sometimes we head out with no other idea but to explore the countryside. While doing that, we’ve found out-of-the-way ghost towns to explore and even came across a charming, little apple festival in full swing. Our little dog can come with us, too, wherever we go and feels right at home in our little house-on-wheels. We never have to worry about finding her a kennel or arranging for someone to come to the house and check on her. And when we want to step out at night or visit a museum, she waits patiently for us in the Airstream in her little sleeping-kennel.

Want to travel the country in a unique way? A conversion van offers a camping and vacationing experience that is convenient and memorable.

Driving a conversion van from point A to point B is made easy because of its size and handling. Driving an RV can be a daunting task, especially in traffic, but the maneuverability of these vans has made them popular for RVers in recent years.

What about camping in a conversion van? They come with all kinds of amenities, so while you’re at the campground, you won’t exactly be roughing it. Whether you want to cook a meal inside or grill outside, dinnertime can be fun and memorable. After dinner, you can sit inside the van and watch a movie, if you so desire.

Another draw of traveling in a conversion van is how easy it is to leave the campground and explore. If you camp out near the beach, you can leave and park and head to the ocean. If you want to sightsee in a big city, then drive and park your conversion van downtown. Want to check out the countryside? Just hop in your van and enjoy exploring America’s back roads. It is comparable to using an RV to pull a small car or dinghy, except a conversion van serves both purposes!

Check out a conversion van today, and see the vacationing possibilities for yourself!



I have a friend who always says “It is what it is.”

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