In this video, Conversion Van Specialist Larry Oaks walks you through a 2014 Mobility Conversion Van with an Under the Vehicle (UVL) Lift. Dave Arbogast Van Depot is your number one conversion van dealer, and can help you with all of your Conversion Van needs.

file7671265827824There has long been a debate concerning the necessity of buying winter tires for vehicles that are already equipped with all-wheel drive. For instance, Conversion Vans come equipped with this drive-train capability, leaving most owners scratching their heads when it comes to potentially investing in winter tires as well. By looking at the actual results when facing winter conditions in a four-wheel drive vehicle without winter tires versus one that is operating with winter tires alone can provide some answers to this long-standing debate.

The World Awaits

There are many situations where all-wheel drive falls short to actual winter tires where snow and ice are concerned. The first of these is when you are faced with a steep hill or driveway. In this case, your main concern is traction. The fact that you have four wheels spinning rather than two for a straight climb up hill does very little to help you. In this situation, the need for traction far outweighs the need for power. When you consider the physics behind the situation, all-wheel drive vehicles typically fall short of the abilities given to you by snow tires. All the elements of your average all-weather tires that are designed to allow for better traction during every part of the year other than winter work against you when there is snow and ice on the road.

When the Science Comes Into Play

On top of the real-world situations, the advanced engineering that goes into winter tires simply cannot be matched by the advantages that all-wheel drive alone provides. These tires are designed specifically to channel snow, slush, and other nasty winter things away from the tires as you drive in order to prevent accumulation. All-wheel drive does nothing to prevent snow and ice build-up. Winter tires also are constructed with specially formulated rubber that allows it to remain pliant during extremely cold conditions. Again, all-wheel drive offers no special features that assist the tire itself in staying in top driving condition during the winter. The one area where all-wheel drive does have an advantage is in starting off from a standing position in snow and ice. The movement of all four tires simultaneously prevents spinning tires and drifting, particularly while making turns. However, road test have shown that the larger and heavier vehicles will perform better in winter conditions when operating with all-wheel drive than those working without it.

An Extra Investment

When the option is available, it is always worth taking the winter tires. In the example of conversion vans, when given the option of getting all-wheel drive for winter weather, drivers would be advised to make the additional sacrifice as well. For the absolute most safety on the road, one should combine the best of both worlds. Added traction and stability that comes from all-wheel drive in combination with winter tires is about as good as it gets when it comes to facing hazardous conditions on wintery roads.

479cac5d0a0a006501db5427347f1fabThe versatile workhorse GMC Savana Cargo has made some improvements for the 2013 in order to make work easier and a little more accommodating. A navigation radio, rear vision camera, and ultrasonic rear park assist are new for 2013. The features are options for both the LS and LT models. The rear vision camera is displayed conveniently right in the rearview mirror. However, if the vehicle is also equipped with the new navigation radio, the rear vision camera will be displayed right on the radio screen.

The GMC Savana Cargo is available in regular 135-inch or extended 155-inch wheelbase lengths. The 1500 Series vans include light-duty models at 7,300 pounds, the 2500 Series includes heavy-duty models at 8,600 pounds, and the 3500 Series includes full-bodied models at 9,600 pounds. Savana Cargo models are also outfitted with a fuel-saving six-speed automatic transmission, all-wheel drive, and an available 6.6L Duramax turbo-diesel engine that has a B20 biodiesel capability.

Exterior Design Features:

• Black-painted bumpers are standard, chrome front and rear bumps with a chrome grille is available in the chrome appearance package
• Swing-out 60/40-split passenger and driver side doors, with sliding doors a possibility for the passenger side
• Heated and power-adjustable outside folding mirrors, with available turn signal indicators
• Sixteen-inch steel wheels, or seventeen-inch steel wheels for half-ton models
• Ambulance prep and hotel shuffle packages available for buyers
• Wide selection of exterior colors – sand beige metallic, polo green metallic, onyx black, deep blue metallic, steel gray metallic, fire red, summit white, wheatland yellow, and pure silver metallic

Interior Design Features:

• Standard single-zone air conditioning, with the option of rear air conditioning
• Variety of audio systems, including CD/MP3 capability and a USB port for all electronic desires, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio if opted
• Enhanced interior lighting package that includes three access panel lights and two mounted lights in the roof of the cargo area
• Two auxiliary 12-volt outlets in the interior engine cover
• Remote keyless entry and vehicle starter system available
• Leather steering wheel with wheel audio controls
• Custom vinyl or cloth upholstery in either neutral or medium pewter colors

Furthermore, StabiliTrak stability control is standard for all models, along with a trailer rating of up to a whopping 10,000 pounds on the heavy-duty models. Flat and convex exterior mirrors offer a wider field of vision for the driver. Tire pressuring monitoring systems are standard for all models. Safety features, including lap and shoulder belts for the center seats and front air bags are always in every model.

These new features offer a competitive advantage for this GMC Savana Cargo van, along with the pre-existing wide range of features. Thus, these improvements help push it to being one of the best cargo vans on the market today.

My friend is looking to buy another vehicle. He really doesn’t have a choice—his current ride breaks down about three times a week!

I have been talking to him about getting a conversion van, but he is being a little bull-headed. Ok, he is being downright obstinate. He says he doesn’t need a van, he doesn’t haul stuff, what does he need a van for?

Well, he has a family…so even though he doesn’t “haul stuff”, he hauls people, which is more important. I explained to the knucklehead that conversion vans are the ultimate in luxury, comfort, entertainment and personalization. His van can be tailored to his exact needs and wants, and conversions are better equipped than any SUV. He stared at me with open mouth amazement!

I told him that conversion vans are one of the most versatile vehicles on the road, offering spacious interiors, luxurious amenities and road going comfort. Van Conversions combine the convenience of RV’s with much better mileage, smoother handling, and much easier parking. Why wouldn’t he want to buy a conversion van?

My friend was speechless, either from the information I had just given him, or maybe he was amazed that I knew all that stuff, I’m not sure which. Anyway, next thing I knew, he was asking “Where, where should I go to see a conversion van?”

That’s the easiest question of all. Dave Arbogast in Troy Ohio has a great selection low top conversion vans, high top conversion vans and mobility vans. Better yet, the entire inventory is online, even better, our van professionals are friendly and knowledgeable, and best of all they can deliver your van to your driveway anywhere in North America. How cool is that?

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The sky is the limit when you are customizing your own personal van. Each Conversion Van can be tailored to your exact needs and every want.  With such spacious interiors, luxurious amenities and road-going comfort, there is little question that conversion vans could be called the best value on the road today.

Van Conversions provide the very best way to travel across the country.  There size and gas mileage allow you to go anywhere at any time.  Your children will love the rear entertainment options including a large flat screen TV with DVD.  Trips to Florida will be a breeze with the comfort of a reclining rear sofa and finely appointed leather interior.

Dave Arbogast is the #1 van dealer in the country. We have a huge selection of new and used conversion vans for sale. For more information on starting your adventure in a conversion van, call 1-866-975-3287.  One of our van experts will help you decide which van best fits your needs.

Conversion vans are comfortable and easy for anyone to drive.  They are customizable to your specific needs and desires. If you’re considering an SUV consider this, a conversion van gets better gas mileage than the average SUV and provide more cargo space and seating. Custom vans are the ultimate in luxury and style.

Keep the kids happy with entertainment options including a large flat screen TV with a DVD player, wireless headphones, rear stereo, and gaming capabilities.  Your rear passengers will love the ability to stretch out with ample amounts of room and luxurious seating.

Conversion Vans are safe and versatile, whether your running to the grocery or driving cross country. Take a moment and learn more about Dave Arbogast Van Depot’s large selection of new and used conversion vans or simply call 1-866-975-3287.