Looking for a spacious RV that can fit your family perfectly but can’t spare the price for a Class A or C motorhome? If you’re considering on investing on these vehicles, a viable option would definitely be the Winnebago Era, regardless of the type of RV you’re looking for or the specific requirements or demands that you have. Winnebago Era can easily meet one’s standards and provide complete amenities for the whole family.

Winnebago is an industry-leading motorhome company that offers an extensive range of RVs, RV parts, cars, trucks and boats. They offer both brand new and used vehicles in order to support the cost variable of each and every client. With this, you’ll have a myriad of options to choose from despite your tight budget. Traveling with your family on-road or touring a country can be extremely fun, however, without the right transportation vehicle; this experience may turn into a stressful and boring trip.

One of the many models that Winnebago has in their garage is the Winnebago Era Class B motorhome. This particular model is designed to be very versatile, simple and easy to drive, and very fuel-efficient thus maintaining your gas costs to a minimum. It takes full advantage over the power and capabilities of the Mercedes Sprinter 3500 chassis and takes you to an entirely new adventure that may seem impossible to trek with an RV. The Winnebago Era is also integrated with the SmartSpace principle that helps maximize the interior of the vehicle while fitting it with fully-furnished amenities. The RV’s interior comprises of elegantly decorated tabletops and cabinet furnishings with stylish and classy materials, including Metro and Fusion. The operating sofa and bed is engineered to be very comfortable for the family, with spacious and cleverly installed beds and windows. The rooms are also incorporated with 22-inch LED TV that you can spend time in when bored or to help you quickly fall asleep. The bathroom is designed with a properly leveled shower with a flexible handle.

Overall, buying the Winnebago Era class B motorhome can surely be a smart investment for future years to come, especially for families who are mostly on road and traveling in different cities and countries. The Winnebago Era class B is definitely a good machine with a good price.

Growing up, I always enjoyed having the opportunity to travel with my folks across the country. Back then, we had an old Winnebago motorhome. It didn’t look like much but it got the job done and helped create a lot of great memories for my folks and I.

Awhile back, my family and I decided to purchase a Winnebago Tour. It is definitely one luxurious motorhome and of Winnebago’s top models. But the main we reason we love our Winnebago Tour so much is it has been the perfect motorhome for taking a vacation in.On the inside of the Tour you’ll find a huge variety of great items to help make any family vacation seem like a breeze. It comes with a great TV and entertainment center which is perfect for those who have kids to bring along on their vacation. Also, the kitchen area is very nice as well. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to cook. In a Tour kitchen you won’t have any problem making a great meal while on vacation. Finally, the bedroom in the Tour is great. It’s not only comfortable, but luxurious and a great place for mom and dad to get away from it all.

The Tour also has a ton of great things going on on the outside of it too. Want to hear something crazy? There is actually a TV on the outside of the Tour too! All you have to do to access it is open up the side panel and boom, you’ll be watching your favorite movie in no time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to pull up to an old campground while on vacation, open up the TV panel on the outside and then invite some other campers over for a movie night and make some new friends.

One of the first trips my family and I took in a Winnebago was to the Grand Canyon. It was a great adventure for my brothers and sisters and I but one that was definitely worth it, especially since were all together in our old Winnebago.

Now that I have kids of my own, I’m looking forward to taking them on a great vacation in our family’s brand new Winnebago Tour. I think one of our fist stops will be the Grand Canyon since that is one of the first places my family and I went to.

There is no better way to see the country than in a Winnebago, especially the Tour.

FOREST CITY, Iowa – Winnebago  of Indiana, LLC, through a newly formed, wholly-owned subsidiary, has purchased SunnyBrook RV, Inc., according to a Dec. 29 release from the company.

One of the United States leading motor home manufacturers, Winnebago of Indiana, LLC, consummated the purchase of substantially all of the assets of SunnyBrook, a wholly-owned subsidieary of SunnyBrook Manufacturing, Inc., through and asset purchase agreement with a total cost of $5. million in cash.

Winnebago of Indiana will continue to manufacture towable products under the SunnyBrook brand and honor outstanding warranty commitments to current owners. The company also plans to diversify the product line to include Winnebago brand trailer and fifth wheel products. Elvie Frey, the president and majority owner of SunnyBrook Manufacturing, will remain with the company and serve as President of Winnebago of Indiana.

“We believe this acquisition will be highly successful,” said Winnebago Industries’ Chairman, CEO and President Bob Olson. “We are thrilled to have Elvie lead the new subsidiary forward.”

Frey said she was looking forward to be joining a company like Winnebago.

“We are very excited to join the Winnebago Industries team and be part of an iconic American company,” Frey said. “This is a great opportunity for us to grow our organization as we develop exciting new products for both the SunnyBrook and Winnebago brands. We look forward to capitalizing on the top-notch Winnebago Industries’ dealer network as we bring them towable products to allow them to maximize their performance.”

Senior Fice President of Strategic Planning for Winnebago Industries Randy Potts furthered Olson’s excitement about the purchase.

“Winnebago Industries and SunnyBrook are two very quality  oriented companies and it was a great fit for us to ahve a presence in the heart of the RV capital,” Potts said. “We believe we will be able to quickly grow the volume and markets share of Winnebago of Indiana.”

Winnebago Industries, Inc., is a leading U.S. manufacturer of motor homes which are self-contained recreation vehicles used primarily in leisure travel and outdoor recreation activities. The company builds motorhomes under the Winnebago, Itasca and ERA brand names with state-of-the-art computer-aided design and manufacturing systems on automotive-styled assembly lines. The company has been the recipient of the Quality Circle Award from the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association every year since the award’s inception in 1996.

SunnyBrook Manufacturing, located in Middlebury, Ind., produces a variety of towable RVs under the SunnyBrook RV brand name consisting of Harmony, Brookside, Bristol Bay, Edgewater and Sunset Creek travel trailers and Harmony, Brookside, Bristol Bay, West Pointe, Big Dog and Titan fifth wheel trailers.

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Dave Arbogast Van Depot is proud to report Class B Van sales are on the rise and Roadtrek is leading the way. RV buyers are seeing class b vans as an alternative to gas loving class a and class c models. Retail sales of Class B motorhomes rose 29.1 percent in April, Statistical Surveys Inc. has reported.

Roadtrek Class B Vans continues to lead the way with a 38.8 percent market share in April and a 39.8 percent share year-to-date.  Pleasure-Way comes in second with a 24.8 percent share in April and 23 percent share year-to-date.  Coming in third is Winnebago with a 21.1 percent share in April and 18.1 percent share year-to-date.

Class B Vans get great gas mileage and with their relatively small size can be taken anywhere. RV buyers are noticing their appeal and enjoying the economical experience of a Class B Van.  For more information or to see how a class b van could fit into your life style call 1-866-975-3287 or visit Dave Arbogast Van Depot.