Many people with special needs find that they can travel in comfort and convenience in an RV or conversion van. More than a dozen manufacturers offer RVs and conversion vans with features such as wheelchair lifts or ramps, roll-under sinks, and lower kitchen counters and cabinets.
If you or a family member has special needs, talk with the experts at Dave Arbogast. Arbogast can work with you and the manufacturer to customize a vehicle. Arbogast also has handicapped-accessible RV’s and conversion vans on hand that may work for you.

Campgrounds also have adapted to meet the needs of physically challenged travelers. Many offer wide, level, paved sites for easy use by people with wheelchairs, walkers or electric scooters. Some offer recreation programs and food services designed to meet the physical and nutritional requirements of their customers with special needs. To check a campground’s accessibility, contact the campground directly.

Call the Dave Arbogast Group at 1-866-975-3287 or visit Dave Arbogast Conversion Vans.

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