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Selling your Class B Motorhome

Have you finally decided to sell your conversion van? Great! Before putting that “For Sale” sign in the window, read through the following helpful Class B Motorhome selling tips.

Set a Firm Asking Price

Setting a firm asking price. You may decide that your price is negotiable when talking with a potential buyer, but a reasonable asking price is very important, and could be a factor in the amount of potential buyers you do get.

First, you need to evaluate the van. Be sure to note the mileage, the overall condition of both the interior and exterior, and if there are rips in the upholstery or dings on the body, etc. Be sure to check the engine as well, and take note of any issues.

Since you are selling a conversion van, there are likely a multitude of different features that should be highlighted in your advertisement to attract more potential buyers. Upselling the features of your van will likely net you more money in the end.

Research similar vehicles that are being sold near your location, take a close look at the condition of their conversion vans, and set your price accordingly.

How should I sell my van?

There are two ways to sell your Class B Motorhome: Through a dealer or on your own.
Selling your Class B Motorhome by yourself can create a number of headaches. Not only do you have to figure out the value of your Class B Motorhome but you also have to market the vehicle, meet with any potential buyers and complete the sale along with any necessary paperwork.

Dave Arbogast Van Depot can take all the stress out of the sales process for you.

Because of all the extra features that conversion vans offer, Dave Arbogast has a team that is dedicated to determining the value of your van. While value is important, competitive pricing is even more important, and Dave Arbogast is always in contact with their competitors retrieving sales information in order to price your van as competitively as possible.

So, instead of worrying about the hassle of posting your van on multiple classifieds websites and going through the headache of valuing and selling your van, contact Dave Arbogast Van Depot today. Remember, they don’t call Big Dave “The Van Man” for nothing!

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