My friend is looking to buy another vehicle. He really doesn’t have a choice—his current ride breaks down about three times a week!

I have been talking to him about getting a conversion van, but he is being a little bull-headed. Ok, he is being downright obstinate. He says he doesn’t need a van, he doesn’t haul stuff, what does he need a van for?

Well, he has a family…so even though he doesn’t “haul stuff”, he hauls people, which is more important. I explained to the knucklehead that conversion vans are the ultimate in luxury, comfort, entertainment and personalization. His van can be tailored to his exact needs and wants, and conversions are better equipped than any SUV. He stared at me with open mouth amazement!

I told him that conversion vans are one of the most versatile vehicles on the road, offering spacious interiors, luxurious amenities and road going comfort. Van Conversions combine the convenience of RV’s with much better mileage, smoother handling, and much easier parking. Why wouldn’t he want to buy a conversion van?

My friend was speechless, either from the information I had just given him, or maybe he was amazed that I knew all that stuff, I’m not sure which. Anyway, next thing I knew, he was asking “Where, where should I go to see a conversion van?”

That’s the easiest question of all. Dave Arbogast in Troy Ohio has a great selection low top conversion vans, high top conversion vans and mobility vans. Better yet, the entire inventory is online, even better, our van professionals are friendly and knowledgeable, and best of all they can deliver your van to your driveway anywhere in North America. How cool is that?

Conversion Vans, Dave Arbogast and you—a combination that’s hard to beat! Call our van experts today at 1-866-975-3257!

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