RoadtrekCSAdventurous1Imagine an RV without the cumbersome factor: a comfortable, roomy vehicle without excessive length and bulky weight. Its relatively small proportions belie its huge comfort and accommodating conveniences. Its beautiful exterior is only surpassed by its exquisite interior. That is the all new CS Adventurous RV from Roadtrek Class B Motorhomes. It is pure elegance on wheels.

The exterior features graceful, sleek lines, and is available in several classic, subtle hues, all of which underscore the timeless allure of the Adventurous’ quiet pizzazz. Designed with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis in mind, at 170″ long it’s easy peasy to drive and maneuver, and a breeze to park.

Additional outstanding exterior features include:

Large Frameless Windows – Enjoy fantastic vistas throughout your travels without having to step outside.
Easy Access to Rear Doors – The spare tire is conveniently located under the Adventurous with no-hassle access to rear doors.
Spacious Storage compartments
Retractable Power Awning
Optional Additional 18″ Storage with XL Package

The open concept interior design provides the ultimate in elegance; its plush seating provides sumptuous comfort and a rich, sophisticated ambiance. Other interior features include:

Up to 91 cu. ft. of Storage
Expanded Galley – There’s plenty of room and all the modern kitchen essentials, including a 3.6 cu. ft fridge, convection microwave and ample storage for cooking and convenience.
Automatic Propane Heating System
Permanent, Spacious Bathroom Facilities – Including a sit-down or stand-up shower.
Sleeps Up To Four – There are single beds in front and king size or twin beds in the rear.
Seats Up To Seven

In addition, there are excellent modern safety features to make your driving experience worry-free and safer. They include:

Blind Spot Monitoring
Lane Keeping
Collision Prevention
High Beam Assist

If driving in a luxurious RV that is small enough to be considered a van yet large enough to provide the comforts, conveniences and features that many full-sized RVs have, then the Adventurous from Roadtrek is your cup of tea. The exterior speaks volumes about subtle class and bold elegance; the rich interior boasts lavish accommodations and regal comfort. Whether your travels are business associated or leisurely adventures with family or friends, they will be nothing less than a feeling of being at home. You and your traveling companions will experience the uncompromising, refined elegance that Mercedes-Benz is noted for around the world. If it’s time for you to step up to a serious upgrade in your traveling, stepping up to the opulent elegance of the Adventurous will bring you smiles for miles.

210-nascarNASCAR tailgating is always a great time. It is almost as enjoyable as watching the race itself. The thrill of sharing the event with loved ones makes it even better. One of the best ways for a family to make a trek to a NASCAR event is to bring along a stellar RV like the 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular. Here are the ways that this awesome vehicle will enhance the NASCAR racing experience.

Better Food and BeveragesOne of the best parts of the NASCAR racing experience is all the great food and drinks that are enjoyed by attendees. Of course, grilling is an important part of this experience, but the 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular offers some features that will help with the process. Its efficient generator provides constant electricity that allows users to attach things like a blender to mix up great frozen drinks.It also has a big refrigerator to keep drinks and food chilled. This allows tailgaters to avoid the hassle of constantly getting more ice to keep things cold in a cooler. This RV also comes with a built-in coffee maker to help tailgaters keep energized during the weekend.There is also a sink to make preparing food and cleaning up dirty dishes a snap. Users will also enjoy the microwave that is a standard feature with the 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular. There is no shortage of ways that this RV helps to enhance the eating and drinking experience at a NASCAR tailgate.

Rest Well

Though it is a lot of fun to attend a NASCAR event, it is also quite tiring. By the end of the day, attendees are ready to get some much-needed shuteye. Having an RV allows them to sleep in comfort. The Roadtrek 210 Popular has sleeping room for up to three people. There is a lot to be said for sleeping in an air-conditioned RV during the hot, humid nights that are found at NASCAR events in the South.

Drive in Comfort

Of course, the biggest hassle with going to a NASCAR event is dealing with the horrible traffic created by tens of thousands of fans all trying to arrive and leave at the same time. Having an RV for the event allows people to arrive early before the crowds. It also allows them to relax in comfort while they wait for the traffic to thin out before they leave.

When it comes time to drive the 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular, drivers will find that it handles like a dream. It is smaller than most other RVs, so it can zip in and out of traffic with ease. It also gets great gas mileage.

Make the next RV event a great one by attending in a 2013 Roadtrek 210 Popular. It will make the experience a lot of fun, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What is it that makes a Class B Camper Van so appealing?

While out and about with some friends the other day, I happened to spot a great looking Roadtrek Class B Camper Van a few cars ahead of us.

I quickly told my friend who was driving to pull up next to it so I could get a better look.

“Why? It’s just another RV,” he said.

I quickly corrected him by telling him it was much more than another RV.  By the look he gave me after my response, I realized the conversation was headed towards becoming a a camper van-educational lesson of sorts.

Class B Camper Vans are very different than their larger counterparts. Although smaller, they get better gas mileage, are more maneuverable, and still have the same luxurious of a standard RV.

“But you can’t even spend the night in one,” said my friend.


Believe it or not, a camper van can sleep between 2 to 3 people easily. Also, the dining area is many models can easily convert into a sleeping area as well.

“Yea but what if you want to cook some dinner for the family…”

Not a problem.

Class B Camper Vans – especially newer models – can come loaded with almost anything you can dream of and that includes a galley/kitchen area. Also, you can choose from a variety of options including flat screen TVs, custom interiors, two packages, and even full baths.

The most inviting aspect of a Class B Camper Van is likely their price. Compared to most large RVs, there is a huge difference in price when it comes to camper vans. Quite simply, they aren’t going to cost you an arm and a leg and you’re still getting a vehicle loaded with all the amenities you need.

“So remember,” I said to my friend at the end of my brief camper van spiel.

“They aren’t just another RV.”

Winterizing a Roadtrek can prevent several mishaps. Roadtreks, if not appropriately inspected before the winter’s cold arrives, can cause damage to  the pipes of your Roadtrek. The harsh cold can create freezing water that can damage the Roadtrek’s systems. The winter elements can also cause damage to tires, batteries and other Roadtrek’s system’s overtime.

Maintain proper tire pressure.

Protect tires from losing pressure by covering them with a tire cover when not in use. Spray a tire dressing onto tires to keep the sunlight from weakening the tire. You can even jack op your Roadtrek to prevent further loss of inflation if they have been sitting for long periods of time. Also be sure to inspect and replace the spare tire in necessary.

Inspect batteries periodically.

Use baking soda and water to wipe down the roadtrek’s batteries from corrosion and dirt. Recharge the Roadtrek’s batteries using the isolator switch to reduce unwanted electric leak, which happens when poor grounding connections draw energy. Remove the battery from the Roadtrek during extreme cold weather conditions to keep it from freezing. Place battery in a dry, storage area such as a garage, and charging it at least once a month.

Drain the water from your Roadtrek.

Park the Roadtrek with rear wheels elevated a few inches before draining. Shut off  all water faucets and fill the water tank with RV antifreeze. Turn water pump on and open toilet, shower, and all other faucet valves so that RV antifreeze can be released. Turn water pump off when the RV antifreeze starts to flow.

Drain the hot water heater tank. First, remove the heater tank’s door latch. Open the pressure release valve by moving the lever up vertically, removing the plug at the bottom of the heater. Step aside to prevent spillage on clothes. Take special caution to ease the plug out. Next, flush the hot water tank with a water hose until the water becomes less murky. Reassemble and use plumber’s tape to secure valve shut.

Air the lines out.

Open the faucet valves and the water tank fill valves to air out its lines. Replace the valves when finished.

Change your Oil.

If needed, don’t forget to change your Roadtrek’s oil. Also, inspect the generator, brake fluied and engine coolant before putting it away for the winter. Another important thing to remember is to fill the gas tank to maximum to prevent gum-forming oxidation.

If you take these simple precautions, your Roadtrek will stay looking new for years to come.  Roadtrek Class B Campers are easy to care for and a blast to drive. Call 1-866-975-3287 or fill out the contact us form with any questions.



2010 Roadtrek Class B camper van with Power Sofa that Converts to a King Size Bed.There is an enclosed shower, toilet area, and sink. Also, you will find a refrigerator, microwave, 2 burner stove, sink, a sliding table and nice storage. The front 3rd seat and passenger seat converts to a twin bed. There is a home theater system with Flat Screen TV (with cover). The A/C is a 110V Dometic with heat pump. The is a 11’6″ awning. The monitor panel has water & propane level guages, and battery charge & battery disconnect. The generator is an Onan MicroLite with remote.This is a must see!.

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Dave Arbogast is proud to offer the #1 class b van in North America, Roadtrek. We are excited to offer one if this year’s most innovative designs, the SS-Ideal.  Check out our video highlighting the features of this new Class B camper van.

The first slide room out the rear doors of a class B motorhome, the 2010 Roadtrek SS-Ideal is the ideal solution to your active lifestyle. Based on the all-new 144” wheelbase Sprinter 2500 van, the SS-Ideal measures in at 19.5 feet, which makes it perfect for everyday use and weekend camping trips.

This Roadtrek class B motorhome’s slide-out allows 3 feet of extra vehicle length, giving you a larger permanent bathroom, larger fridge and more storage. The slide room comes equipped with half of the double bed which converts to a sofa, and in the rear, you’ll find a table and two jump seats. It also comes with a table for the two front captain seats, providing a seating area separate from the rear bed. Roadtrek.

Contact Dave Arbogast Van Depot at 1-866-975-3278 to speak with a Roadtrek expert!