Can You Really Use A Roadtrek As A Daily Driver?2014_Roadtrek_190
Class B motorhomes have many of the features drivers are looking for in a vehicle to use every day. The Roadtrek is becoming one of the most popular options for this purpose. This is partly because it shares some convenient features with traditional vans. It is best to understand the pros and cons of using a Roadtrek as a daily driver.

Fuel Efficiency

One of the main advantages of a Roadtrek over other types of motorhomes is that it is very fuel-efficient. The Roadtrek gets roughly the same efficiency per gallon of gas as comparable vans. This means the cost of ownership as an everyday vehicle is not any more than other vans. The high fuel-efficiency also extends the range of the Roadtrek so that drivers can go farther every week without needing to refuel constantly.

Easy to Handle

A Roadtrek has the advantage of being built on top of a standard frame. The transmission, brakes and suspension all combine to make the motorhome easy to handle. This allows the Roadtrek to be used on tight city streets as well as winding highways. The issues with handling that affect some other larger motorhomes are not present with the Roadtrek. This means a smoother and safer drive each day.

Low Ground Clearance

One of the issues that some drivers have with the Roadtrek is the low ground clearance. The lowest parts of the motorhome are closer to the ground than traditional cars. This is not really a problem on streets and highways. It can present issues when driving on uneven dirt roads or when driving over large pieces of debris.

No Problems with Parking

The length and width of a Roadtrek is very close to traditional vehicles like vans. The size allows the Roadtrek to avoid the parking restrictions imposed on larger motorhomes. This is very important when using a Roadtrek for everyday driving. The motorhome can park in most areas along with standard cars and vans. It will not be a problem to find a parking spot when shopping, going to work or attending an event.

Changing Tires Can Take Extra Effort

Drivers might have to exert extra effort if the Roadtrek gets a flat tire while on the road. Although changing the tire is fairly straightforward, dealing with the weight of the motorhome could cause problems for some people. Flat tires are not really an issue for drivers who have roadside assistance plans.

Space and Convenience

Inside storage and convenience are two benefits of using a Roadtrek as a daily driver. Driving in the motorhome means there is always a bathroom and sink nearby. The wide aisles and rear bed provide enough space to transport nearly anything back to the home. The extra space and convenience make a Roadtrek a very practical everyday vehicle.